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William Spivey - 850-584-4196 [Active]- Need set of brake calipers for my 1966 Ford Galaxie 500.Also need drivers side front fender. 
Lee Stepps -  [Active]- Wanted: Grill for a 1973 duster. Thanks 
Becky Becky - [Active]- I have a 1969 Ford LTD with hide away head lights. I can not find body parts, I need a hood back bumper and maer exc. help me! 
Paulo Facchin - [Active]- Wanted: Parts for and 1950 International L110. Thanks 
Johnny Blackshear - [Active]- Wanted: All parts for a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V. Thanks 
Mike Sofarelli - 602-881-4403 [Active]- Wanted: 318 Chrysler 6 pack intake and carbs at a reasonable price. Thanks 
Mike Sofarelli - 602-881-4403 [Active]- Wanted: 1955 Ford Radiator Shroud. Thanks 
Dan Dan - [Active]- Wanted: Quarter Panels and trunk repair panels for a 68 Cougar. Thanks 
Nick Good - [Active]- Wanted: Complete Transmission for a 1956 Cadillac 62 Series. Thanks 
Chris Johnson - [Active]- Wanted: Headlight Doors 
Mike Devery - [Active]- Wanted: Power Steering setup for a 1959 Ford Custom 300 332 v8 right hand drive. Thanks 
Carol West - [Active]- Wanted: Grill Center Piece for 1940 2 Door Standard. Thanks 
Upul Upul - [Active]- Wanted: Tail Light Lense for 1953 Pontiac Chieftain. Thanks 
Patricia Sowell - [Active]- Wanted: Pressure plate for a 1965, 3 speed transmission, 170 engine. Also, synchronizers for the transmission. Thanks 
Jamie Jamie - [Active]- Wanted: Front Dashboard for a 71 Chevrolet Impala, color black. Thanks 
C Cason - 949-412-2222 [Active]- Wanted: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Convertiblle. Rear tail light assembly,
Trim 1" wide White with chrome or brushed aluminium, front grill assembly, double headlight covers/chrome 
Victor Flood - [Active]- Wanted: Right Rear fender for a 1972 Plymouth Satellite. Thank you 
Robert Leonard - [Active]- Wanted: Looking for a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix turqoise steering wheel and a console. Thanks 
Roberto Morosini - [Active]- Wanted: 1958 Buick Special backup lense lamp. Thanks 
Mark Duckett - [Active]- Wanted: Looking or a Chiltons manual for a 1959 Ford Galaxy 500. Thanks.  
Teri Sanders - 417-581-1138 [Active]- '61 Olds- Need the Fresh Air Vent Cover for the Passenger Side

If anyone knows where one is located please email me. 
Sam Sam - [Active]- Wanted: 1952 Pontiac Chieftain, Front and Back Bumpers, fender skirts, grill. Thank you. 
Erick Tomes - 707-249-1322 [Active]- needed 1960 quarter panel for Impala 2 door right side 
staci alsover - 9186503224 [Active]- 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass: looking for driver's side window and any other parts 
David Gissentanna - [Active]- Wanted: Front and Back bumpers for a 1956 Buick Special. Please Help! 
William Null - [Active]- Wanted: Looking for the downshift cable for a 1971 Lemans Sport the goes from tranny to gas pedal. 
Herb Bauman - [Active]- Wanted: Steering Wheel horn trim ring for a 1955 Ford Fairlane. 
dan phelps - 419-350-7944 [Active]- 1975 camaro body sheetmetal, doors hood, apron etc. 
fred wolbert - 216-402-1450 [Active]- 1957 plymouth power steering, complete system. 
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