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John Arndt - 307-856-7780 [Active]- 1973 Mercury Grand Marquis Brougham 
george wedge - 603 878 3950 [Active]- looking for 1937 hudson interior for tarplane coupe and door parts 
Ron Townsend - 707-487-5105 [Active]- '68 Impala station wagon Rear window switch. The wagon has an electric rear window, and the switches are failing. I could use both the switch on the tailgate itself (key activated) and the one under the dash board. Willing to pay a fair price and shipping.
Don Rasmussen - 406-207-7221 [Active]- I am looking for a courier emblem for a 1960 Ford Courier 
lloyd medlam - 316 524 0441 [Active]- 1963 chev.impala SS conv. frt. bucket seats & both rear upper& lower pieces. 
Ted Skidmore - 816-803-1440 [Active]- tranmission linkage for a 55 chevy pickup 265 3 speed on the column 
Donald Kieffer - 570-586-0197 [Active]- 1971-73 Porsche 914-4 Brake Pressure Valve 
Enrique Castejon - 34+914480151 [Active]- I need the manual transmission for a 6 cylinder 1940 Nash Ambassador.
The car is finished except for that part.
I need it badly 
Robert Nederman - 913-888-7744 [Active]- Looking for the left driver's side seat belt floor assembly in medium blue to fit a 1965 Ford Thunderbird. This unit has a sensor to light a console light and I need one where the sensor works.

Okay to contact Robert Nederman at 913-515-5515 
GARRY TOULSON - (714) 838-0750 [Active]- Garry: (714) 838-0750. 1976 BUICK ELECTRA LIMITED require the sealing surrounds for the rear quarter windows, both sides. 
Andre Plante - (450) 291-3797 [Active]- I am looking for an original driver's manual or any other book on 1958 Cadillac 
Andre Plante - (450) 291-3797 [Active]- I am looking for the washer fluid bottle and prestone bottle for an 86 Trans Am, 3rd generation firebird/Camaro should be the same. The items have to be in good shape and stain free. 
Greg Johnson - 319-389-3647 [Active]- Wanted: 1957 Jack Assembly. Call 319-389-3647  
Ron Terry - 850-368-2852 [Active]- 1997-Mustang-convertible,Violet-with-white-interior.Prefer-automatic.Complete-vehicle-running-or-not. 
Greg Johnson - 319-389-3647 [Active]- Wanted 14" Chevy disc brake rims. Desire ones that have nubs and will hold fill hubcaps Contact Greg @ 319-389-3647 IA 
Matt Tosh - +610397020732 [Active]- Series 4 or 5 (5 preffered) Mazda 13b Turbo engine and gearbox.....I want this for a conversion to put into my 1300 2 door sedan....Let me know if you can help me out.....Thanks Matt. 
Gary Barker - 530-878-0317 [Active]- I need a Fan Shroud for a 1955/56 Dodge or Ply. V8 
Gary Barker - 530-878-0317 [Active]-  Need a Mint Padded Dash for A 1963 Dodge Polara 500. Need Black but others will do. 
Frank Abbott - 302-593-8095 [Active]- I need a power steering control valve for a 1958 Ford Sunliner. 
Robert Johnson - 323 294-2619 [Active]- I need master door windows switch and door swithes

for 1964 linclon continental 
John Perno - 7245354442 [Active]- Wanted 1967 chevelle shifter boot W/O con. man trans. 
musTANG mach 1 - nooooooooooooooooooooooo [Active]- i want a blue 68-69 mach 1 mustang convertable with a 390 engine  
Gary Patterson - 308-534-3173 [Active]- 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire A/C Plastic Ducts - there are 3, the primary A/C Manifold long piece and both 90* end pieces. 
Gary Patterson - 308-534-3173 [Active]- 1961 1962 GM Convertsble Top Front Latches and Plates - I believe they were the same on many GM cars for many years - I need it for a 1962 Oldsmobile 88 
RALPH BARNES - 570-662-3764 [Active]- wanted 1949- 1951 dodge-plymouth parts car
ralph barnes 1-570-662-3764 
Russ Gagliano - 954-560-5412 [Active]- Wanted 1935 Ford Coupe Title, must be open, I am building a rat rod, need to register to get license plates 
Russ Gagliano - 954-560-5412 [Active]- Wanted: Air Cleaner assembly for 1965 Buick Riviera with 425 engine, with twin 4 bbls carburetion, has 2 air inlets, one on each side of air cleaner 
Russ Gagliano - 954-560-5412 [Active]- Wanted: 1951 Mercury parts, what do you have ? 
Richard Fahrion - 780-434-8894 [Active]- Tail light assemblies for a 1964 Pontiac Parisienne. Or just the chrome bezels and lenses. 
George Irwin - 2485767731 [Active]- I am in need of a 1930 DC8 coil ignition switch assembly with key
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