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marvin nobles - 417-934-5359 [Active]- I need air cleaner parts for a 300 6-cyl. 1979 F100 truck.Basicly all the bolts,brakets,wingnuts and stuff that holds the air cleaner assembly to the engine and carb itself. 
Theresa Craft - 6788516700 [Active]- We have a 1968 Chevy Bel Air 4 Door for $3500 OBO has original 56,000 miles.
Great car in good running condition.
Great interior and exterior has a little of rust on the hood.
Has one flat tire. Great car for the price. $3500 OBO (please make a reasonable offer when you come and see it).
Serous inquires call (678) 851-6700, if no answer please leave message. 
Emanuel Jones - 70667719820 [Active]- 1968 0ldsmobile delmont 88 rear bumper 
Neely Plumb - 9037243052 [Active]- 1949-1951 Olds 76 and 88 instrument panel radio hole cover, 
William Reed - 401-821-2872 [Active]- '84-'86 Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly with Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders & Bell Housing & all related pieces to fit S10-15 GM/Chevrolet Pick Up with Standard Transmission. 
William Reed - 401-821-2872 [Active]- Tailgate for '84-'86 S10-15 GM/Chevrolet Pick Up, no major holes & latch must work. 
William Reed - 401-821-2872 [Active]- Grille for '70 Volvo Wagon 145S, must be Very Good Condition. 
Gary Herndon - 843-866-3369 [Active]- I am looking for the seat cushions or the whole seat for an L, R, or S model IH pickup. Any condition will be considered. 
Frank Thompson - 530-927-9599 [Active]- Looking for two 15"/7" Chevrolet Z-28 style wheels; 5 on 4 and 3/4 bolt pattern, produced from 1970-1981. Beauty rings and center caps desireable.  
Jaime Ramirez - 915-751-8486 [Active]- 14" Spoke Hub Cap for 1967 Mustang Coupe. 
ryan sedbrook - 3039077264 [Active]- ive got 1966 Mercury Parklane convertible. i'm looking for the chrome trim that goes around the whole car above the rocker. could use a set of door mirrors. also interested in a black dashpad. thanks 
Ted Murray - 918-290-0928 [Active]- Heater core housing for 1962 Plymouth Valiant 
Dickie Towers - 903-517-4332 [Active]- I am restoring my 1974 Javelin, and I need several parts.
Contact me at: 
Dickie Towers - 903-517-4332 [Active]- Looking for AM Radio w/8-track for 1974 AMC Javelin.
jimmy mckay - 240-413-5158 [Active]- Drivers side front fender trim....'68 Sedan DeVille 
jimmy mckay - 240-413-5158 [Active]- Drivers side front bumper end....'68 Sedan DeVille 
jimmy mckay - 240-413-5158 [Active]- Passenger side 1/4 panel trim....'68 Sedan DeVille 
jimmy mckay - 240-413-5158 [Active]- Passenger side rear bumper end....'68 Sedan DeVille 
James Delacruz - 616 532 8799 [Active]- 1971/1973 RIGHT HAND DOOR MIRROR , CONTINENTAL/MARK MAY ALSO FIT.
Robert Porter - 2402383342 [Active]- Looking for stainless trim pieces for a 1970 buick skylark - trim needed is for both body sides. They were only available for the 1970 model year. Trim pieces installed on studs and clips that are on the beltline of the car - consist of 3 pieces, front and rear quarter panels and door. 
Kim Berg - 603-536-4711 [Active]- 67 Chevy Impala side molding/trim for 4 door sedan. 
Mike Murphy - 661 607-7033 [Active]- Needed the very front head liner bow for a 1970 fastback 
dennis heaberlin - 704-756-7456 [Active]- 1966 thru 1969 front windshield for my rambler. 
Sioux Bartels - 9708589628 [Active]- 1970 Dodge Challenger RT-SE 131080 miles restored in 2009 to factory. 383 factory air correct big block (number matching motor avbl as well) 727 light shift kit.


apraisal 52000.00

Rocky 970-858-9628 
Walter Napierski - 916-722-1941 [Active]- 5 3/4 Guide Fog Lamp for 1941 Chevy
Guide No 5931958 
Irene Ragan - 360-957-3751 [Active]- I am looking for a 1976 El Camino Classic grille, the headlight housing for the passenger side, the headlight bezel, front bumper and filler panel. If anyone has these parts, and please be in really good condition, or know of a restoration parts place that has them, please let me know! Thanks so much!! 
Nick Thomas - 806-323-9111 [Active]- For 1936 Chevy 2 Dr Sedan...need windshield wiper Stanchions and Linkage. 
Nancy Neighbors - 913-579-2494 [Active]- Wanted 1959 Cadillac Convertible red, does not need to be in mint condition. Contact me at 913-579-2494 or @ 
cornell iliescu - 949-697-1087 [Active]- 1939 Buick Special :

I can't seem to find one for a 1939 Buick.  
Julie Nawrocki - 702-281-5722 [Active]- Need 69 chevelle front / dash ash tray!  
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