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Neal Ziff - 951-833-2835 [Active]- 1930 Auburn 8-95: Need choke and throttle steering wheel levers. Screw-on cap for brake fluid reservoir  
George Ball - 636-207-8994 (home) [Active]- 1946-48 Ford Sedan Coupe

1949-50 Olds Rocket "88" 2-door sedan (the slantback or fastback style) 
mike knaper - 501-767-1357 [Active]- parting several 66 67 Chevelles. Call with your needs. 501-767-1357 
Dave Young - 480-969-5612 [Active]- 1964

Driver's side fender. 
Doug McKeel - 757-595-8344 [Active]- I am the unfortunate victim of a stolen classic car and I need your help trying to locate and recover.

This is a 1972, Chevelle Malibu, Maroon with Black Int, 2 door, 350ci V8, dual exhaust, Dunlop tires. Vehicle had yellow primer paint on the top and hood. Earlier photo, without the yellow primer spots attached. Virginia Tag No. CEB-753.

Vehicle was stolen while at Milton’s Paint and Body Shop on Warwick Blvd in Newport News, VA, during the early morning hours on Wednesday, Oct 22.

I have owned this classic for 30 years and it is dear to my heart. It is not all that valuable of a car, but it is priceless to me for sentimental reasons.

The Newport News police and authorities have all been notified, but my confidence in them is low. Thief report no. 2008-61420. VIN No. 1D37F2B699427

I suspect car would be taken to North Carolina or further south to do a VIN swap with another junk vehicle of similar type. However, it could have been taken anywhere by now. Car was spot primed and ready for paint and could be any color by now.

Please pass the word to all classic car enthusiast, classic car dealers, junk yard dealers and custom car restoration businesses. Any freshly painted 72’ Chevelle is suspect. Please contact me with any leads. My e-mail address is “”

Thanks In Advance

Doug McKeel
757-595-8344 (H)
Rick Walker - 641 895 4446 [Active]- Grille surround trim for a 77 Malibu classic ( chevelle ) needs to be an 8-10  
RONALD EGNER - 317- 897 -3627 [Active]- 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 radiator support 
RONALD EGNER - 317- 897 -3627 [Active]- 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 passenger front fender  
rick stubbs - 207 752 7379  [Active]- intake manfold for chevy 235cy one that takes 2 1bal carbs and linkege 
JEANIE LINDER - 4075577192 [Active]- Rear bumber for a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 
JEANIE LINDER - 4075577192 [Active]- Crome sides for 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 
Mrs. Peggy Napoli - 605-341-2370 [Active]- Wanted: 1955 or 1956 Chrysler Convertible Top Assembly in good condition. Call 605-348-7373 Bill or Peggy 
Justin Joseph - 574 772 0400 [Active]- Looking for 1967-68 Chevy C10 pick up parts. Send me pics of parts to my e-mail.( 
Richard Clark - 403 327 9331 [Active]- 1936 chev master grille with emblem 
Richard Clark - 403 327 9331 [Active]- adjustable rockers and pushrods for a 1954 chrysler 331 hemi 
arthur childs - 541 921 7439 [Active]- i need gass tank for a 1962 rancho and tail gate molding/crome 
Harold Krul - 810 326 4061 [Active]- For 1955 Chevrolet 2 door sedan, rear seat back and bottom frame, front and rear bumper in usable condition 
German Hidalgo - 772-873-9205 [Active]- Port St. Lucie,FL. I need 2 front bucket seats and front and rear bumpers for my 67 Mustang. 
brad authement - 601-9161937 [Active]- 1957 chevy 2 dr right side door e mail me at thanks 
Lee Christensen - 715-582-4530 [Active]- Looking for front fender trim spear for 1946-48 Buick. Need both sides with clips. 
J. L. Slay - 601-936-0632 [Active]- Wanted chrome for 1970 Buick Skylark trunk lid and side chrome pieces. 
Jeff Igielski - 509-332-3629 [Active]- 1971 Pontiac Lemans chrome trim - right rear fender has stainless steel base and black plastic center, this narrow mid-height trim runs the whole length of the car, but the section I need is the right rear fender for the coupe body style. 
Joseph Kelley - 215-638-8125 [Active]- 1979 Dodge 150 Tire Jack and Handle
email - 
Michael Tullier - 225-685-7025 [Active]- Looking for speedo and tach cluster for my 78' corvette 
Michael Tullier - 225-685-7025 [Active]- Looking for new dash and t-top plastics 
grant graham - 719-429-2177 [Active]- 1966 ford fairlane 
Mike tibbits - 719 651 0250 [Active]- I need a front seat for an 1958 chevy 2 door .must be for a 2 door thanks Mike 
Geoff Girouard - 617.763.7704 [Active]- Original steering wheel for a 1971 El Camino.  
david resenbeck - 1-812-483-4913 [Active]- need a complete set of 4wd 6 lug rally style wheels for a 1979 chevy pickup 
Debbie Cox - 270-826-4639 [Active]- I am looking for a center console for a 84 Hurst Olds Please send pictures 
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