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1963 Ford Falcon Sprint Fastback
1963 Falcon Sprint that was built on May 21, 1963 at the San Jose Ford plant. It went to a Texas dealership where it was sold and passed through a succession of owners. I found it for sale in late 99 in Beeville, Texas, and shipped it to Arlington VA for restoration. The car was then completely disassembled for what would be a 2-year restoration project. It has been driven about 1500 miles since the project was completed in 2001. The only rust on the car was in the driver and passenger floor area and outside bottom of the body under the rear windows. Patch panels were welded in and accessible body cavities were prepped and filled with expanding foam to seal away moisture and help deaden sound. The floor, side panels and roof were lined with thermal insulation material. The body was stripped to bare metal and prepped, primed and painted with DuPont catalyzed enamel in the light yellow color you see in the photos. The bumpers were rechromed, all stainless trim buffed out and aluminum trim (grill, headlights, rear trim, etc.) was de-anodized and polished to a bright silvery luster. All glass is original except for a new tinted windshield and all weatherstripping and seals replaced with new rubber. The original 260 block had long since failed and been replaced with a 289 block. It is totally rebuilt, 0.30 overbored and the original heads re-machined with new guides. The engine is fitted with a mild hydraulic cam and Edelbrock 4-barrel, and finned valve covers. Dual exhausts run the length of the car and the gas tank and fuel lines were replaced. The original Borg Warner 4-speed gearbox has been thoroughly rebuilt with a new main shaft and bearings/synchronizers. It is fitted with an exact replica of the Ford shifter that originally came with the Sprints, but is in fact a modified Hurst shifter. It does not rattle and shake like the original shifters, nor does it jam first and reverse together like those shifters were famous for doing. The rear end was completely rebuilt with 3.25 ring/pinion gears, new leaf springs and shocks. All brake lines and components were replaced. The front brakes are discs from Stainless Steel Brakes. There is a dual master cylinder and proportioning valve for the rear drums. The battery was relocated to the trunk to allow room for air conditioning, etc. and has both electronic and heavy duty cutoff switches. The front suspension received the Shelby lowering alteration (1 inch lower, 1/8th inch towards the rear) for the upper A arm. All suspension components were replaced including the front springs. The wheels are 14-inch with radial tires and correct spoked wheelcovers. All worn, frayed or deteriorated wiring was discarded and rewired with larger gauge automotive cable. All wiring alterations were color-coded and noted on a revised schematic. The generator was replaced with an alternator to handle the air conditioning. A switched (on the dash) electric fuel pump is plumbed in parallel with the mechanical fuel pump, providing backup fuel systems and the ability to get fuel to the carburetor after the car has been sitting for a long period. Inside is where the car is unique and gorgeous! There are two fared-in instruments on the top of the dash under the tach and three additional instruments podded under the A/C evaporator. All light up at night and all are functional. The radio is the original Falcon AM unit that was gutted and fitted internally with an FM tuner. The tuning knob changes stations and the push buttons are just for decoration. The radio is FM stereo, with the left channel coming from the speaker on the rear deck. Topping off the interior is the steering wheel. The original fake-wood plastic wheel was remade with real cherry wood into the beautiful wheel you see now. It is thicker for easier holding and turning. All the Palomino-colored upholstery and trim is reproduction vinyl and matches perfectly with the original Sprints. There are many, many photographs of the restoration (prints, not digital) and a complete shop manual with specs on all the alterations is in a binder that comes with the car. The old front springs and other small extra parts go with the car. The car is garaged in Arlington, VA.
(Arlington, VA)
$18,700.00 ACTIVE

Seller's Information 

Les J.
703-527-1435 or 703-528-2954

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