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The Elky
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The Elky

December 7th, 2015 08:14:31 pm, posted by Philip Schwigel
No Photo

I found this El Camino on line back in May of 2007 at an on line auction for $4900.00. I had been looking for something to get into relatively cheap that I could tinker around with to sooth my classic muscle car woo's. I got into the auction at $2200.00 & set my max bid at $3200.00. Well the bidding went on for 2 days, I wasn't going to go over the budget price, And I got out bided. A week later the seller contacts me via email that he would accept my offer if I was still interested. I sent him $50.00 via wire service to hold the car, made arrangements with work, & rented a oneway car to Derby, KS. Took the ride to inspect & test drive the El Camino. It won my heart & soul as it had some of the goodies I always put into my rides already hammed up. Simple 350 with Holley 4 barrel, headers, dual exhaust with thrust flow masters, Minimum rust issues, Bucket seats with an automatic & a Chevelle Style floor shifter & center console, It has the SS Rally Sport Wheels, & a clear & clean title. I got to Derby, found the dealer & the El Camino was setting out front. the owner handed my the keys & told me take it out or a ride, we'd meet back here after lunch to figure out what's up with the car/truck. Great test drive. I wasn't parked in the Micky's 2 minutes before someone wanted to know if it was for sale. I got the Elky & drove it back to Sturgeon Bay, WI. I stopped for a sleep over in my trucking yard where I worked as a truck driver & when I woke up found one of the mechanics trying to look up under the hood to check the engine. He too wanted to know if it was 4 sale. When I fired it up he came running back out for 1 last look. The set up is music to my ears. The car is a great sleeper on the streets as it holds it own pretty good for a 46 year old car/truck. I did get picked off by a 68 Camaro that was pretty well set up with a nice 396. We both had a hand shake & a laugh after that one was over. So did the trooper going the other way & had to hunt us down for a chat. The car is stored now awaiting a restoration. I burned a battery cable on a header & shorted a few things out, so now we tear the car down & fix her up right.

Phil 1969 El Camino

March 30th, 2017 06:52:12 pm, posted by Philip Schwigel
Phil 1969 El Camino
Phil 1969 El Camino

1969 El Camino, car is currently in project mode.


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