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The 'Go Foward 50' LowRider Project
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The 'Go Foward 50' LowRider Project

November 12th, 2008 01:32:13 am, posted by Joseph
The 'Go Foward 50' LowRider Project
The "Go Foward 50" LowRider Project

I have done all I can think of to capture the attention of Chip Foose and the Producers of the TLC television Program "OverHaulin".  However it seems that without celebrity influence or the assistance of program insiders the average "Joe" cannot win the opportunity to be "OverHauled". Many of you may have heard of me and read my story here on "Classic Car" Community as Joseph and I have become friends and mutual supporters. Joseph has supported my efforts to win the hearts and minds of all of you and gain your assistance in raising awareness and funds for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation as well as my own foundation the Joe Kelly Spinal Injury Foundation. As you may have read my horrifice account of all that I have been through in the past ten years dealing with spinal injuries, disease and several other conditions resulting from multiple surgeries and invasive procedures to my spine. I have been left bedridden for the past several years with severe pain that is so terrible the pain keeps me from walking or functioning at a normal level. Being 44 with a younger wife and three young children this life of constant pain and being bedridden just isn't a life at all. This is more of a prison being trapped in a body that cannot and will not function with the bars of severe and chronic pain holding me back limiting my life to my home at best most of the last 10 years has been lived within my bedroom lying in bed. 

When I have been able to function at a level to which I could leave my home and attempt to live a life near normal I have been heavily medicated with narcotics, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants and an array of other medications that physicians believed would make the horrific pain tollerable. Those times when I have found myself able to experience life however limited I have deemed it necessary to "Give Back" for the blessings I have received. I have devoted all the time and energies I have when I am able to educated others hopefully keeping others from making the mistakes I made when I initially found myself suffering from a injury to my lower back and spine. I feel it is absolutely my duty to inform others of the choices available when faced with the pain of a back and spine injury. Whether these patients are being given all of the options available to treating and correcting a spinal injury, disease, or other condition. I have also made it my mission to grow and extend the reach of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (CDRF) into every community across the United States. Further to raise awareness and funds for CDRF and to organize State Chapters of the CDRF and support, sponsor or contribute however possible to the funraising efforts for CDRF and the Chapters I have started.  I have also dedicated myself to Prevention through the Joe Kelly Spinal Injury Foundation (JKSIF) or JOSIF  it is my hope to help others faced with the desicions of surgery and invasive procedures to make the correct choices and avoid painful and life altering mistakes by being uneducated to the advances in alternative medicines, treatments and innovations in care such as through Chiropractic, Manipulation or adjustments to the spine also Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise, Physical Therapy, Massage, Mental Health,  Surgery is not always the best and only option in cases dealing with ruptured discs, arthritis, bone spurs and many other common injuries and spine ailments or conditions. Believe me I am not against surgery. I do believe even in my own case that surgery is and can be the answer to correct many conditions and injuries. However surgery should always be recommended by more than one physician and should be performed by the most educated, experienced and recognized specialist that can be found in your area. Surgery should also take place in a facility that is specialized in the care and treatment of spine patients. 

My Goal remains to utilize my own 1950 Chevy Deluxe 2 dr. Sedan to further my mission in raising funds and awareness for the foundations by combining my love and enthusiasm for Hot Rods, Choppers and especially my own LowRider project with fundraisers and events to raise money for the Foundations. Bringing Hot Rodders and Bikers together to Cruise and Show Raising money for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. I created an event held annually in Des Moines, Iowa called the SuperCruise and SuperShow'n Shine. My hope remains to build my 50 Chevy so that one day I will be able to participate in the event I created and organize each year. However my own battle with spinal injury, disease and chronic, severe pain has kept me from continuing the work necessary to complete the "Go Forward 50" LowRider Project  so I have encouraged friends and family to submit my story, the "Go Forward 50" and I to OverHaulin as a (Mark) and or subject for an episode of the TLC program OverHaulin to have my 50 Chevy designed and built by Chip Foose and the A Team. 

As of today the letters and e-mails sent to Chip Foose and TLC have gone unanswered. I hope that I can obtain each and every one's assistance in writing or e-mailing into TLC or Chip Foose and attempt to convince them I am deserving of such a great gift. The gift to continue my efforts raising money and awareness for the CDRF and JKSIF helping those faced with surgery and other invasive procedures to get through the pain and on with their lives as normally as possible. For more information please see our website at or contact me, Joe Kelly at 512-981-9124 I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about myself the GoFoward 50 or the SuperCruise event held annually in Des Moines, Iowa. Thank you for reading my story. 

Joe Kelly, President
Pinnacle Alliance, LLC          Creator of the SuperCruise
                                                a Charitable Event Benefitting
                                              The Christopher & Dana Reeve
                                      Foundation and the Joe Kelly Spinal 
                                                          Injury Foundation


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