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2002 Trailblazer LTZ, 4x4
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2002 Trailblazer LTZ, 4x4

February 5th, 2016 09:22:34 pm, posted by Manon Pfluger
2002 Trailblazer LTZ, 4x4
2002 Trailblazer LTZ, 4x4

Hello, my name is Manon Pfluger and I am a very big Truck and Classic car enthusiast. I'm in the early stages of modifying my 2002 Trailblazer LTZ and I would love nothing but to show it for charity and meet and greet new people with the same love of motoring. I have always wanted to work and modify my own car, I was always helping my friends with thiers when I was in high school. My favorite classic was 1968 Cougar, my father had one when I was a little girl and ever since I was a teenager my dad (RIP) and I have always enjoyed car talk. My brother and I have always enjoyed our cars and trucks, its something we always loved to do. We were called the Motorheads, in high school and could talk shop all day. I'm a big NASCAR fan, Drag Racing, and also going to car shows.


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