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1965 Sport Fury Convertible
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1965 Sport Fury Convertible

December 22nd, 2008 01:48:37 pm, posted by Greg Fogle
1965 Sport Fury Convertible
1965 Sport Fury Convertible

I bougth this 65 Sport Fury in Portland, OR. Gorgeous car! It was originally from Washington state. I then proceeded to drive it down the PCH just south of San Fransico where I cut East to Phoenix where I lived some years back. From there to Houston to visit my brother. Drove through a redwood in Calf. Stopped in Sequoia National Forest. Cut along the southern end of the US and stopped in Charleston, SC for a few days to see the girlfriend.  She was with me for the first half of trip. Car ran grea! Has a 383/4bl. Logged about 5000 miles. And yes gas ate me alive! Came home to Charlotte, NC and was here about 2 months when some smuck pulled out dead in front of me. CRUNCH! Took the front end out. Have since rebuilt it and looks better than ever. Love a convertible!


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