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Robert Silkowski - 619-698-2909 [Active]- 1992removable hardtop weather stripping 
Mary Everts - 2626282192 [Active]- Need steel flat-style hood for a 1971 Chevelle Malibu, not SS. 
Tracey Hasan - 724-944-5616 [Active]
It is a 1970 Monte Carlo with factory forced air. White body with black hard top. Electric antenna . VIN 138570F172461

Jeff Rowden - 2087901704 [Active]- Looking for License Plate frame(s) from Charlie Brown Chevrolet that was located in Issaquah, WA from March 1971 until July 1974. I recently purchased a 1971 Chevelle Heavy Chevy and would like to find one of these Dealer frames to put on it. I would also be interested in any other material from this dealership from that time frame. 
Gary Catron - 559-994-8871 [Active]- 1937 Terraplane 2 door sedan fender skirts wanted. Please call Gary at 559-994-8871 
john nobles - 661-477-5595 [Active]- I'm looking for a bump stop bracket, that mounts under the frame rail for a 1969 Chevy C10. I believe all 67-72's will fit. If anyone has anything please advise.  
bob powell - 8043892555 [Active]- Triumph T-10 estate wagon 
Richard Morgan - 9099678021 [Active]- 1985 Chevy El Camino
Climate Control Selector Switch 
Matt Dickinson - 7043498511 [Active]- I'm in need of a custom seat ASAP for a 1956 F100 truck!
The truck is red and the seat needs to be grey, black, red or something mixed.
I'm at 704-349-8511

Thank you! 
ROGER GEHRING - 702-458-2607 [Active]- Restoring 1947 Dodge wc pickup. Need wheels-16inch-with clips if possible.Want Dodge wheels. 
David Boren - 734-542-0605 [Active]- 69 Cougar XR7 proj car avail, free. Needs shtmtl work and reassbly. 70K orig. miles, contact for info. Ply/Liv area. 
Robert Boettcher - 16055201587 [Active]- desperate for a 1933 olds 8 cyl grill 
John Harestad - 250 882 1144 [Active]- Wanted 5th gen camaro auto shift knob by drake auto industries (camaro concept aluminum) 
Darrin Vail - 7026893067 [Active]- Really need an impossible part. I have a 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva SCX, and need a new Belt Tensioner. The SCX Quad 4 has a different tensioner than the regular Quad 4. I've purchased three of them so far that the people swore up and down were the correct one, but they weren't. They were for the regular Quad 4 engine. They only made 1143 SCX models in 92, 500 in 93, and same engine in 209 1991 Olds Cutlass Calais 442s. If anyone knows of a wrecked 91 442, or 92-93 SCX let me know!!! Thanks. 
Mark Schneider - 4026191750 [Active]- I would like to buy a nicely done 1933 or 1934 Ford 4 door Street Rod. Not a trailer queen and not a project car. Please contact me if you know of one for sale. Will consider other makes of that same early to mid 30's vintage in 4 door. Please contact me at 402.619.1750 or

Thank you!
Mark Schneider  
John Gasperoni - 5417520248 [Active]- Column mounted ignition lock with key for 1977 Triumph Spitfire 
Charles Barnhart - 9165497301 [Active]- I have a 65 6 cyl, 200, 3.3L Ford engine and need a rear main seal for it.
It can be anyone of these manufactures.

Fel-Pro BS30135
amy DE ZOTTI - 7860000000 [Active]- looking for long-term storage of one or two classic cars, radius of 10 miles around 33181. Good tenant references provided upon request.
Shared space OK.  
Joseph Montenegrino - 6027916988 [Found]- Wanted Oldsmobile 455 engine and Tranny in the Phoenix area! Call JJ 602.791.6988, thanks! 
Nik Dinev - [Found]- 1939 STUDEBAKER C6 COMMANDER :
I want to buy for my 1939 Studebaker C6
Commander headlights, hubcaps, stoplight lenses, outside mirrors,
mouldings, grille and front fender scripts 
Dave Eaton - 918-231-1909 [Found]- Need front end valance for 1959 Chevrolet Belair or Biscayne. email me at 
Gerry Osendorf - 320-256-3521 [Found]- Right front fender for a 1952 F-3 Ford pickup. 
sukhbir singh - (061)77755772 [Found]- i need all spareparts hillman minx phase III 1948.the accesories and machine parts.whit the prices? 
Greg Johnson - 319-389-3647 [Found]- Wanted 1957 Nomad Horns. Call Greg @ 319-389-3647 
Greg Johnson - 319-389-3647 [Found]- Wanted: Rear Seat latches for 1957 Nomad. Call Greg @ 319-389-3647 
brad authement - 601-9161937 [Found]- back glass for 1979 firebird trans am  
Joseph Montenegrino - 6027916988 [Found]- 10 bolt posi for my 1971 Oldsmobile cutlass. Call Joseph at 602-791-6988 
Bruce K - 713-755-1420 [Found]- Looking for a complete dash in excellent condition for a 1964 Ford Falcon Futura convertible. Need bezel (not gauges)for speedometer area, need radio bezel, need glove compartment bezel and the piece to the right of the glove compartment.

I have all the above, but when I purchased the car the previous owner had spray painted the entire dash flat black. I am wanting to get the pieces so it's original looking. Please have a fair price for these pieces in good to excellent condition.

Also looking for the entire Parking Brake system for UNDERNEATH of 1964 Ford Falcon Futura CONVERTIBLE. I already have the interior hand brake parts. 
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