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Searching for a special car for our wedding! HELP!

1967 Chevrolet IMPALA
May 4th, 2021 12:22:42 am, posted by Angela Mahorney

A few years ago I met a man from near Georgetown Ky who had a ‘67 Impala that was decked out to match the one on tv’s Supernatural. Weaponry in the truck, squeak of the doors, etc. I loved taking my picture in the car and have been searching for this man to ask if he would consider driving my soon to be husband and I as we leave our wedding. If you know this nice gentleman, please email me at or share my email address with him. I would even appreciate information I can find about this car. As a back up, my fiancé loves the Nissan Skyline so if we can’t get the Impala, finding one of these nearby would be pretty awesome too but I know they are quite rare. Any help to make this wedding dream come true is greatly appreciated!

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