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Hi. New to Western MA. Tough state ins...

2005 Abarth 750
September 17th, 2018 01:11:52 pm, posted by Rivka Reid

Hi. New to Western MA. Tough state inspections here. I got my modern sedan and truck through, but the place that did it said they dont want to do cars over 15 years old. my question? WHERE do others with older cars go for state inspection - where they are welcome? Extra points if they have a brake drum lathe! I know the Plymouth (name is Gus) will fail first time - I know at least 2 reasons. BUT its important that I at least get the Scarlett Letter R for now. I do MOST of my own work, but would be happy to know of a shop that can help when its beyond me. MOSTLY, though, I am looking for a licensed STATE INSPECTION shop that will be happy to do the INSPECTION! I am located in the western edge of Northampton - and something within 50 miles would be great. I hope to meet some of you soon! - thanks Rivka Reid

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