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Help Required

1970 Plymouth CUDA
October 29th, 2020 04:30:03 pm, posted by Arthur Howenstein

I would like to find a Mechanic who works on classic cars such as my 1970, 340 Cuda. The car has sat for a couple of years and I am not succeeding in getting it running. Replaced the fuel tank, installed 1 piece stainless steel fuel line, new fuel pump, new fuel filter. Removed and cleaned the carb, removed and cleaned the spark plugs. Installed a fuel pressure gauge. The car would run but poorly could not get it to idle. One last try a week later and the car would not fire. Removed the carb, disassembled and cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner. Re-assembled the carb, installed on the car and I cannot get the car to fire. Cranks good but no fire. I guess now I need to go after the ignition coil, rotor, condenser and distributer cap. Checked the ballast resistor and that looks good. HELP.

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