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1969 Ford Mustang OEM Master Body Assemby Fastener Kit
1. Fender Splash Shield (Fr) of Fender Screws (8 pcs) 2. Fender Splash Shield (Rr) of Fender Screws Bolts & U-Nuts (12 pcs) 3. Stone Deflector Bolts and U-Nuts (4 ea.) 4. Grille Center Support Bolts and U-Nuts (2 ea.) 5. Grille U-Nut, Screw and Plastic Rivets (7) 6. Battery Tray U-Nuts and Bolts (6) 7. Hood and Hinge Bolts and U-Nuts (14) 8. Cowel Panel Screws (7) 9. Trunk Lid Hinge (8) 10. Shock Tower Brace Bolts & Nuts (covers springs) (24) 11. Hood Leveler U-Nuts and Jamb Nuts (2 ea.) 12. Hood Latch Support Bolts (3) 13. Hood Latch and Catch Bolts and U-Nuts (6) 14. Fender Extension Studs and Nuts (12) 15. Front Valance Bolts and U-Nuts (18) 16. Front Valance Outer Support Bolts & U-Nuts (2 ea.) 17. Quarter Panel Extension Studs, Nuts&Washers (24) 18. Trunk Latch and Striker Bolts (5) 19. Rear Valance Clip Head Bolts, Nuts & Screws (15) 20. Front Bumper Guard U-Nuts and Bolts (4 ea.) 21. Head Lamp Screws, Nuts, and U-Nuts(12) 22. Door Hinge (24) 23. Floorboard Hole Cover Screws (8) 24. Cowl Brace Nuts & Bolts to Cowl (70 B429 only) (8) 25. Support Fender Extension Bracket Bolts and U-Nuts (16) 26. Door Latch to Door Shell Screws (6) 27. Fender Bolts, U-Nuts and Washers (42) 28. Front Licenses Plate Bracket Nuts and Bolts (4) 29. Outside Door Handle Screws and Nuts (4) 30. Door Latch Striker Screws (4) 31. Outside Mirror to Door Chrome Screws and Rivets (2 Mirrors) (4 ea.) 32. Hood Hinge Nuts (in fender aprons) (6) 33. Radiator Fan Shroud Screws and Spring Nuts (8) 34. Voltage Regulator & Splash Shield Screws and Washer (5) 35. Starter Solenoid Screws (2) 36. Washer Nozzle and Tee Screws (3) 37. Radio to Hood Ground Screw (1) 38. Heater Assembly to Firewall (w/o A/C) Nuts and Rubber Washers (10) 39. Windshield Wiper Motor Screws (4) 40. Windshield Washer Bottle Screws (3) 41. Horn Mounting Bolts and Nuts (4) 42. Battery Holdown Clamp J-Hook, Nuts and Screws (5) 43. Brake Booster Hose Clamps (2) Some kits contain screws for more than one Model. All Items are OEM and Guaranteed to Fit. Kit Contains 386 Items
(Petersburg, VA)
$259.95 ACTIVE

Seller's Information 

Robert Mostoller

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