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The 66 Mercury Obituary
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The 66 Mercury Obituary

November 11th, 2008 04:06:17 am, posted by Rita Edgar
The 66 Mercury Obituary
the Breezeway and side

Dr. Dave opens the hood for surgery and finds the obituary of the owner of the car that quietly baked in the junkyard's hot sun.  The Upholstery was Leather diamond tuck in Midnight  Blue.  This Parklane was luxury, yet not.  The doors had crank windows, yet a Breezway window, FOR SALE.  The hood is ready for prime and paint.  The old paint is mostly baked off.  The Dark blue Dash and grill went to Finland.  $7.00 a Gallon for gas and they drive these on weekends only. I love being the nurse for this adventure in steel.  I still have the trim, the rear view mirror and dusty blue sun visors.  The night mares he had bringing it in. I think maybe she wasn't done baking at the tanning booth.  He went to change a MAY POP and had to use two jacks.  One to prop up the body and one to prop up the frame, just to change a tire.


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