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Remember Likes
It's starting to happen......
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It's starting to happen......

January 29th, 2008 06:44:30 pm, posted by Matt Tosh
It's starting to happen......
It's starting to happen......

Well I picked up a pretty much mint 1976 Mazda 2 Door Sedan.....Very rare...I feel like I fit now, having a classic and all...(It is a classic isn't it??).....It needs a complete build - driveline, paint, interior etc.....So I think it's going to be a longterm project.......If you know anybody with a S4/5 13bt + Trans they want to sell, I need them......

It came with pretty much everything, all in good condition, but needing a large amount of cleaning (It was found in a shed in the outback)......Missing part's are as follows 
Drivers door -rust
Front windscreen - cracked
1 front seat is gone
Also engine and tranny....Other than that I'm not sure yet, I've only had her a week and the majority of the parts are in

If you know anybody that has these parts (Remebering I live in Australia) let me know by e-mail at



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