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It's all over......
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It's all over......

March 26th, 2008 07:23:01 pm, posted by Matt Tosh
It's all over......
It's all over......

So it's come to this.....I have gotten rid of all my cars.....All of them......I sold the Mazda to a mate of mine, who went and sold it to a mate of his, now it's in a paint shop getting beaten and sprayed.......

The EXA/NX Blew the f*ck up.....So I sold it.....

I am now carless and it is driving(lol) me crazy......I'm house bound unless I get sombody to help out or walk an hour to the bus.....I suppose I'm lucky I don;t have a 9-5er to go to.....Oh I love working for myslef...:)

Anyway I'm looking for a car with the limited funds I have left (Stating a new business takes a bit of flow man) and I'm not getting very far, Australian's like their cars and don't wanna palm then off to just anybody, there's like an unspoken language here that makes people beleive they have more than they do......Meaning car's here cost WAAAY too much......

To wrap it up I'd like to say I'm sorry for not being more of an 'active' member here and I really enjoy reading the newsletter when it comes......You rock Joe, keep up the awsome work man....

Til next time (Which hopefully wont be too far away)



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Tell me what you think, post your comments here Return to Photo Journals

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