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November 15th, 2007 03:55:12 pm, posted by Matt Tosh

Well the EXA/NX Pulsar has seen better day's, seem's to have blown one or a couple of the piston rings.....When I start it, the engine will smoke out of the top of the head like it's on fire, there's no oil pressure in the block OR on the indication guage, also there is a metallic noise comming from the inside of the engine that only shows up every now and then, usually when asked to rev.......This to me deem's this engine in need of a full rebuild as looking at the cam's when taking the cam cover's off indicated that there is libral wear having been done since it was last tendered to. There is a set of number's inscribed into the top of one of the valve cover's with '155746' I think it was. This tell's me that the guy that sold me that car was lying to me when he told me that the engine was rebuilt 12 months ago.....As the car now has 256,xxxx on the clock.....Kilometres not Miles around 97,000Miles.....You can't drive 100,000Klms (62,000Miles) in 12 months.....Well at least I didn't think so......So now I'm stuck with no (Drivable) car, no money and I have 2-3 week's of school left. Which I might have to pull out of and restart next year so I don't fail on attendance because I wasn't there (last 3-4 weeks no attendance)......Drama's!!!! Will it all ever just simmer down??...........


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Tell me what you think, post your comments here Return to Photo Journals

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