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Chick Car?
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Chick Car?

December 18th, 2007 12:22:05 pm, posted by Philip Moore
Chick Car?
Chick Car?

I admired her as soon as I saw her. I had even gotten close, looked her over from top to bottom and loved what I saw. She was gorgeous, a classic beauty. That was only viewing her surface perfection. I couldn’t know more because she was another man’s. Besides, I had my own I was happy with. Mine was just as lovely and only two years older. But after all I am a man and, as you guys know, one isn’t enough. You always want more, especially if she’s that good looking. I had to have her. I know what you’re thinking. But you starting thinking before I finished my story. She’s not a woman; she’s a car. Not just any car, she’s a 1966 show-quality beauty. I was perfectly satisfied with my black 64 Thunderbird convertible and wasn’t interested in buying another antique car. But then she became available. She was a T-Bird, too. Her unblemished body was painted Tahoe Turquoise. Her white vinyl top set the turquoise off nicely. Her interior matched perfectly. She had the best options; air conditioning, 8-Track, overhead console, deluxe hubcaps, power everything. Then there was the chrome—as good as the day she rolled out of the showroom. I bought her on the spot. I always liked T-Birds and now I had two! I drove her home with my wife following. I pulled into my driveway & before I knew it, she perched 3 pink flamingo Beanie Babies inside. My wife had marked her territory, saying "This is a chick car."  But this so-called chick car has a bored out, shaved heads 428 engine with over 345 HP. Chick car? What do you think?


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