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Chantilly Lace
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Chantilly Lace

December 7th, 2015 08:39:59 pm, posted by Philip Schwigel
No Photo

I came across this little baby with the help of my brothers father in-law (Larry). Larry gave the car to my brother & his wife (Holly) for their wedding gift. It did not work as all the two did was fight over the car. It did not run (missing carb. & dash is torn apart). It was in the way in the garage & when they pushed it out into the spot by the garage, it instantly drew the wrong type of attention. Larry came to where I worked at one day & corned me about the car. He wanted me to buy it from him as Holly gave it back to him & wanted it out of the garage so she could park her car & my brother is much of a gear head, he loves classic cars, but can not change a diaper more or less a tire. It didn't take long, about a minute & a half of Larry bugging me to buy the car. He wanted $5,000.00 for it as the guy he got the car from owed him money & he didn't want to get screwed on that deal. I agreed to payments with him, & we tow the Chevelle to the pole barn, where it now sets next to the 69 El Camino. Funny, both cars are painted the same color primer grey. They look really good sitting next to each other. This is another project waiting for restoration. The 70 Chevelle came with SS Badges & a 350, 3 speed Munci. She has Goodyear Eagles up front and a pair of worn out Craigers on the rear. It was missing a carb & the dash gages are torn out, but they are in a box in the trunk, I rebuilt a 4 barrel Holley double pumper for it, but I really don't trust my work. I'm waiting to throw a digital carb on her. She has a serpentine belt setup on the 350 with 2 electric fans, Headers, and of course duals with thrust masters. I can not wait until this little Cinderella fires up so I can hear her music. Photo's to come.


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