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Twin 1987 Buick Grand National muscle cars sold for over $200G

February 13th, 2018

By Gary Gastelu | Fox News

The 1987 Buick Grand National was one of the quickest cars of its era.

This doesn’t add up.

A pair of 1987 Buick Grand Nationals known as “The Twins” on the classic car scene have been sold on Ebay for $205,699, which is about four times what either of them is worth on their own.

The muscle cars came to prominence last spring when they were offered for sale on Facebookwith the unique backstory that they were built one after the other on the production line and had been together ever since.

They had all of their original parts, just a couple of hundred miles on their odometers and a thick layer of dust inside and out.


Photos of the cars sitting side by side in a garage where they'd been untouched for years turned them into internet legends, and they were soon sold for an unknown amount.

The buyer, Shawn Matthews, said at the time that he had no plans to flip them, but his plans changed and he had them posted to the auction website last week.

The opening bid was $156,000 and there were 226 more before the auction closed on Sunday.

According to the Hagerty Price Guide, a top condition 1987 Grand National should sell for just $52,000.

Apparently two are worth exponentially more than one.

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